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Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. A. W. Frahm

Born on 07.10.1935 in Schleswig, Germany


Education, Degrees and Positions:

1957 - 1960 Studies of Pharmaceutics and Chemistry
1964 - 1967 Universities of Kiel, Hamburg and Bonn
1964 Promotion in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
        University of Hamburg (Dr. rer. nat)
        „Synthese Versuche in der Emetinreihe“
1972 Habilitation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
        University of Bonn (Dr. Habil.)
       „Synthese, Stereochemie und NMR-spektroskopische Eigenschaften sarkomycin-ähnlicher Verbindungen“
1973 -1975 Expert Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public   Health, Bangkok, Thailand
1975 Appointment Professor, Faculty of Science
         University of Bonn
1985 Guest Professor
         University of Mainz
1988 Chair Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Freiburg
1989 - 2002 Director of Institute of Pharmacy,
          University of Freiburg
1992  Dean of Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
2002 Retirement
        1987         Copernikus Medal, Medical Academy Krakow, Poland
        2002         Medal of Honour Landesapothekerkammer Baden-Württemberg
        2008         Dr. h. c. der Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand
Professional Membership:
         Executive Board (-1987) Fachgruppe “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”
        „German Pharmaceutical Society“
        German Chemical Society
        American Chemical Society
        International Society of Medicinal Plant Research
        Member of the Editorial Board of "Archiv der Pharmazie“ (-1987)
        Member of the Editorial Board of “Chirality” (2000-2010)
        German Development Aid in the field of Ethical Drug Production, Quality Control, and Supply
         in Uganda, Thailand und Indonesia
        Guest-Lectures Mahidol-University, Bangkok, Thailand
        CO-Editor Hagers Handbuch der Pharmazeutischen Praxis 5. Ed. Vol.7-9, 1993, Sequential-Vol. 4-5                                             1998
        CO-Author Houben.Weyl Methoden der org. Chemie IV/1c Reduktionen: Katalytische Hydrierungen                                                 4.Ed.1980
         > 150 scientific and experimental papers (see List)