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RSC „Outstanding Paper Award“

Outstanding Paper winners AK Andexer

A bicyclic S-adenosylmethionine regeneration system applicable with different nucleosides or nucleotides as cofactor building blocks

Désirée Popadić, Dipali Mhaindarkar, Mike H. N. Dang Thai, Helen C. Hailes,  Silja Mordhorst and  Jennifer N. Andexer 

S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM or AdoMet) is one of nature’s most versatile enzyme cofactors, it is involved in a wide range of reactions, among them transmethylations. SAM-dependent methyltransferases (MTs) have recently become sought-after catalysts for biocatalytic alkylation reactions, along with the development of various systems for SAM cofactor supply and regeneration.



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